Why Bloggers Fail In Blogging Journey?

(Why Bloggers Fail) Blogging is considered a very good way to earn money by working part time from home. And many people come to the world of blogging thinking this.

We all know that blogging is the best source of earning online. There is no limit to earn money in this and people start blogging with this hope. Friends, money can be earned from blogging and many bloggers are earning money from it in today’s time.

But no task is that easy. People come in the hope that by blogging they will earn millions a month. But there are many people who are unable to earn money. There can be many reasons for this. Today we are going to tell you about the same reasons. Why do bloggers fail?

why bloggers fail
why bloggers fail



1. Lack of knowledge

Before starting any work, one should know about it well. I am not just talking about blogging. Before starting any work in the world, you should know about it once. When a person comes into the field of blogging. He does make this mistake. Friends, there are many things inside blogging.

Like domain name, good hosting, and much more impact on your blogging journey. Most people start blogging by taking a little knowledge and stop after some time. Due to this both their money and time are wasted.

I am not saying that a lot of knowledge is needed to start blogging. But we should keep in mind even the smallest things. Because a building can stand only when its base is strong. Exactly the same is inside blogging, you have to strengthen your base, and only then you will be able to achieve something from here.


2. Lack of Patience

According to one figure, more than 5000 thousand websites are created by people in a day. You can get an idea from the fact how much competition is there in the field of blogging. But there is no professionalism in the people at all.

They think that today they will start blogging and will start earning lakhs from next month itself. But it didn’t happen. Because in blogging, it has not been written anywhere, there is strong proof that you will be able to earn lakhs within a month by blogging.

It takes a lot of time for this Blogging is a long-term investment. The more time you give to it. The better it will be for your blogging journey. If I share my personal experience with you, it has been almost 7 months since I started blogging. And believe me, till now I have not earned even a single penny from blogging.

But still, I keep writing my content with full confidence. I have written about 20 to 30 posts in the last seven months. Whose 7 keywords are ranking at 50 positions. But it is not that I have not earned anything in 7 months, then you will not be able to earn either. Maybe you can do better than me and start earning soon.


3. Old Content

All the new bloggers like to write old content. Writing old content is a good thing but we should also pay attention to new topics. Whenever a new blogger comes into the field of blogging, he targets those topics.

The topics about which there is a lot of material inside Google. If instead of old topics, you will target new and trending topics. So Google also gets your website ranked. It is often seen that thousands of content are available on a particular topic. Still, new bloggers like to write about the same topics.

This becomes the third reason for the failure of his blogging journey. It is a good thing to write on old topics but along with it should write about new and trending topics.


4. No Creating Engaging Content

Change is the law of the world, if you do not change with the times, then you will never be able to do anything in this life. The biggest problem of today’s time is that people do not want to bring anything new. The things that are going on.

People keep running after him. There is something similar in the field of blogging. People focus more on old topics. Bloggers do not make the content worth reading. And in the field of blogging, until you make the content engaging. Till then you will not be successful.

By engaging content, it means that you reach such content to the people which people like to read. Provide interesting content to the people. Then a visitor is interested in reading your content.


5. Lack of SEO

Search Engine Optimization has become essential for any website in today’s time. It has its own distinct advantages. For a website to be ranked in Google, it is necessary that its SEO has been done well. I have seen many new bloggers that they do SEO just for the sake of formality.

They have nothing to do with SEO. But I want to tell for your information that in today’s time SEO is mandatory for anything related to the internet. So whenever you prepare your content. Then you should keep in mind that you should not do SEO just to pay formality.



Friends, I told you about 5 Major Mistakes which are done by a new blogger. If you keep these things in mind. So you too will be able to earn a lot of money from blogging. Apart from this, you have to have a profession in the field of blogging. Because there is a lot of competition inside it. Friends, what is your opinion on this matter? you must comment on us.

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