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Zika entry in Kanpur

An Air Force employee has tested positive for virus in Kanpur. After which the whole administration has panicked. After getting the Zika virus, the Kanpur Administration has got Zika Wing built in Hallett Hospital without any delay.

Inside the maternity block where corona virus patients were kept. Now 10 beds have been reserved for Zika patients there.

Chief Medical Superintendent of HALAT Dr. RK Maurya has informed that kits are also being procured for testing of this virus.

Apart from this, he also told that if any patient with symptoms of Zika comes, then his examination will be sent to Lucknow.

Let us now know what is this virus? how can we avoid it?

What Is Zeeka Virus?

There were 3 confirmed cases of this virus in India in May 2017. After which the Government of India was on alert.

For your information, let us tell you that Zika virus is a disease in which the head of children is much smaller than their face.

That is, those who are newborn babies, their head is very small according to their face.

The name of this disease is also microcephaly, where the heads of children are much smaller than those of normal children.

The virus caused the most havoc in South Africa. After that some of its cases were also found in India.

Symptoms OF Zika Virus


2.Body Pain

3.Cold Cough


5.Burning Eyes

How Zika Virus Spreads?

1.This virus can be easily transmitted from a pregnant woman to her baby.

2.According to the report of the World Health Organization, zika can also be transmitted from person to person through blood transfusion.

3.Zika can also be spread from person to person during sex.

4.Virus is also spread through mosquito bites.

How To Avoid Zika Virus?

This virus is a species of dengue. For your information, let us tell you that Zika was discovered in 1947 in the Zika forests of Ukanda.

When the scientists were doing research on yellow fever in the monkeys there. Then during research, he came to know about this virus. Similar symptoms are found in this virus.

The kind found inside Dengi. Like fever, headache, cold etc. It is also called the younger brother of Dengi.

Obviously, when it is the younger brother of dengue, then we have to protect our body from this virus in the same way as we do in dengue.

1.Prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. Water should not be allowed to stagnate anywhere.

2.Wearing light colored clothes and having full sleeves so that this virus mosquito cannot bite you.

3.Don’t let the body lack water. try to drink more and more water.

4.Use morteins and coil at home and sleep only with mosquito nets.


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