What Is SEO? Increase the ranking of your website by doing SEO in 2022

Hello friends kamchalu.com welcomes you people. Friends, today we have again returned with important information for you. Today we are going to learn about SEO. What is SEO? How is it done and what are its benefits and many more.


What Is (SEO)? Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a means of bringing organic traffic to your business or any of your services from Google or any other search engine. This is a process where we get traffic from Google or any other search engine without any advertisement try to understand through this example,

Raman wants to get some information from Google about something. And Raman searches about that topic on Google or any other search engine. The website which will be ranking on top page or 2nd page on that topic. He will click on that. This is what we call organic traffic. The traffic that Google brought. This has been made possible with the help of SEO. Because the owner of that website must have written SEO optimized content well.



How does SEO work?

As we just learned about SEO. Now let’s try to know how does this work? Google or other search engines try to provide the best information to the users. When a user searches about something in a search engine, then the search engine can provide the best results to those users. Google sees which website has written the best article or content on this search and shows that website at the top.

When a person shares his business or information on Google, he takes full care of SEO optimized content. Because SEO gives a signal to Google that the best content is written in this website. So SEO becomes essential for our website. Otherwise, organic traffic will never come to your website.


How Do One Page SEO?

Friends, we have just learned how SEO works. Let us now know how to do it. We are going to talk about two types of SEO. One page and another off page SEO If you use WordPress, then a plugin called Yoast SEO comes. You can definitely use it. Let me try to tell you point wise.


1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important and best way to rank any website in search engines. Without keywords, you cannot rank a website or blog on Google or any other search engine. Keyword means the topic about which you want to write or the topic about which your business is related. Like I am giving you information about SEO, this is my keyword. I can’t rank without it.

Keyword research means what kind of keywords are you researching. Or what kind of keywords do you want to use, you always have to focus on those keywords which have good competition and search volume is also good. Only then your website will easily be able to rank on Google. Do not focus on those keywords whose competition is high, it may take a long time for you to rank.


Best Keyword Research Free Tools

1. Biq
2. Ubbersuggest
3. Google Keyword Planner
4. Google Trend
5. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool


2. Use Headings

You have to take care of the headings while writing the content. We have 6 types of headings available. h1, h2,… h6 Keeping in mind these headings, we have to write our content. Your main heading comes in h1 which contains your keyword. h2 is below that, in which you use long tail keywords.

Long tail keyword means what is this SEO? What is the benefits? This is your longtail keyword. Which is like a question. After this, doing the points of h2 in h3 like this, they are used till h6. It is not necessary that you use all the headings, you can write your content using h1 and h2.


3. Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the number of times you have used your focus keyword. You have to use your focus keyword neither too much nor less. If you have written a 1000 word article, then you can use it 3 to 4 times. You have to use your keywords in the right place. Its placement should also be good. If you use your keywords more then Google will not rank your website. So use keywords in a good way.


4. Content Density

Text length refers to the number of words you have used in the content you have written. Google never ranks websites whose content is short. You must write content of at least 500 words. You cannot write anything to increase the length of your article. The information related to the topic about which you are writing should be there.


Internal links mean links to any of your other posts. Understand in easy language, as you have written about SEO and before that you have given information about SEO tools in your website, then you can do internal linking of that topic. This has two advantages, one, the visitor will also read your other post and secondly your bounce rate will also be less.


The process is similar to internal linking, but in this we link to any other website. In that we used to link our own website to some other website in it. You can do external linking of the website which is ranking on Google on the topic you have written about.


7. Image Distribution

Whatever topic you are writing about, you have to add pictures related to that topic in your article. This will also make your post look good and the user experience will also be good. You should try hard that you do not use copyrighted images. You only use free images. Your effort should be that you do not use any kind of copyrighted items in your blog or website. Because Google or any other search engine does not like to rank copyrighted items.

Friends, there are many other factors, but I have told you only about the important factor. If you do SEO, then definitely keep these things in mind. Now we talked about One Page SEO, now let’s talk about Off Page SEO.


What Is Off Page (SEO)?

This means that the link of your website is on another website and the user can come to your website from there. If understood in easy language, then we refer to the link of a website, that is what we call backlinks. This is what we also call backlinks. It is of two types.


The backlinks from which the authority of your website is increasing, that is what we call do follow backlinks. Let us understand this in more simple language, the link of your website is on some best site or that site is ranking on Google or that site has more authority. That is what we call do follow backlinks. That is, we can say that Do Follow Backlinks is better from SEO point of view. Most of the bloggers or websites build these links.


No follow backlinks means when Google crawler crawls your website then it will not open your no follow backlinks. Because its authority is very less. If understood in simple language, Google or any other search engine does not give much importance to no follow backlinks. But it is not that there is no need for it. If you create backlinks for your site, then try that you have to create both the links. you use more do follow only.

I just told you about off page SEO but the most important thing is your one page SEO. If you do not have power in your content then Google will never rank your content but your content has a little power and you have done SEO well even then you can easily rank on Google without creating backlinks. You will be surprised to know that 90% one page SEO is necessary to rank in Google, your backlinks sharing comes in 10%.That’s why you should focus on writing content and doing SEO. Only then you can bring organic traffic through your business or website.



Friends, we told you about SEO in this post, I hope you have understood everything. If you need any more information related to SEO like how to make follow backlinks or any other information then you can comment us. We will try our best to be able to answer your questions. kamchalu.com thanks you for visiting the page.

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