What is metaverse

What Is Metaverse All About And How It Works

Imagine you meet with your family members or friends forever, but not in really, rather in a virtual 3D world. One that is created artificially.  Well, you enter in this world while you are sitting in your room, using a special headset or glasses. Similarly, you are working, studying or shopping, you do almost all the things that you do in the real world, but not in the real world. Instead this virtual, artificial created world, using this special headset or glasses right from your room.

How does it sound to you? – Doesn’t sound you depressing? Friends, the Metaverse promises something akin to this for the future. It is touted to be a technology that would replace the internet in the future and will be the future of humans.

Well, the word (METAVERSE ) is made up of two words. Meta + verse. The word Meta is derived from greek, it is a prefix that basically means ‘Beyond’- And verse comes from the word ‘ universe ‘.

We live in the universe and it will be the Metaverse which is beyond of our universe. This word is basically used to refer to an artificial world. You might recall another word related to this, multiverse.

The one is talked about the latest spiderman film. A multiverse is a concept where there are multiple existing universes, it is something that is even scientifically discussed. Some people believe that there is not only one universe exit, there is many more universe which we called Multiverse.

What Is Metaverse And How Metaverse Works
What Is Metaverse And How Metaverse Works


But in this metaverse is the world which is created by an artificial universe. The internet also be said to be a distinct universe,  but when you go on the internet, it is limited to a 2-  dimension only. Whether you are using your phone or computer, these are 2- dimensional screens. But in metaverse is talked about, Metaverse would be a worked where you can completely in it. In 3 Dimension.

Today there is lot of things and skills if you learn then you can earn lot of money then the traditional things you see that metaverse is a new technology here. In today world there is more new technology and skills available in this world such as robotics engineering.

Like when you watch a film, you wouldn’t be watching the film merely as a viewer, you would experience being in the film. For example, you are watching a cricket match , you wouldn’t just see in the television of it, you rather it would be as if your sitting in a room you can experience it in 360° by around you after helping of virtual reality cameras or glasses. The word metaverse is firstly used in tge science friction book( snow crash). Which is written by Neal Stephenson .

In this book some several of things is described about the virtual world and tge metaverse, virtual reality and the artificial world is was referred by him. In recently many companies tried to create their virtual worlds and Metaverses. Where Facebook recently changes their company name’s to Meta. Saying that they want to adopt the Metaverse.


How Metaverse Was Created

There is various technology are used here, to actually create the Metaverse.

  1. The first is (virtual reality)–  This technology already exists today. But to use this , you have to wear this heavy headset. And if you have them one for more than half an hour, started causing headaches, and makes motion seekness, as claimed by many users. The technology that exists in virtual reality is very poor and as very low quality. Although it is something that would definitely improve with time. It is also hoped that this heavy headset with the new technology’s, they would keep getting smaller an slimmer, and eventually they’d be tge size of normal glasses. Where it wearing it and taking it off would be easy as wearing and taking off a pair of glasses.
  2. The second technology is( A.R ) AUGMENTED REALITY–  It Would mean that some artificial elements mixed with our real world. It wouldn’t be a complete Virtual reality.  An excellent example of it is the Pokemon go smartphone game. On it, you can use tge smartphone to look at the real world around you, but when you look at it through the smartphones, you can see artificial Pokemon in there. It seems like they are mixed in the real world around you. Google glasses also used as to mixed some real world elements in virtual world.
  3. The third is (5G) Technology — If we are create a huge virtual world , we’d need to constantly upload a huge amount of data over there, for this we need an extremely high data internet speed , we’d need 5G.


Metaverse In blockchain

Metaverse blockchain is the technology which is used in building a whole metaverse.We all know if we are building any technology so we have to control on all the information that happened to it.

Blockchain does the same thing it collect all the information of it customers and the command that ordered on it. Blockchain also created cryptocurrencies such like bitcoin.  Because in CRYPTOCURRENCY it is so crucial to contain all the information of their customers with privacy and security.

The same thing its provides in metaverse to all the, information, command and all the security processes is held through blockchain in fact it provides security to passwords of their Avataris in its.


What Is Facebook Metaverse

Facebook has changed its name into the metaverse we all know till now. And sone people is very confused what is metaverse of Facebook. And several of rumors is spreading all the day till now. But in we


have to understand this metaverse of Facebook is not a different apert of  the real meaning of metaverse. The same things has to lie in it too. The difference is metaverse is building more sufficient way by the Facebook company where the rules gonna set up too related by Mark Zuckerberg and their company officers.


  • We all know the digital crypto currency for metaverse is building and some high-class virtual world  is adding  and its upgrading through plenty of research and a lot of money . If metaverse was launched in the world through metaverse of Facebook than moreover profit is sufficiently recorded to Facebook company..
  • Google and Microsoft also working on metaverse where in, 2013 Google launched the  virtual glasses and after a lounched it becomes dumped material for people because its not a worth material at that time. That why Facebook metaverse is technically very strong to seem out in future. The way you purchase land, shops, clothes, and many more item in the Metaverse is held by cryptocurrency. CRYPTOCURRENCY is a digital currency which can use as digital bugs for exchanging goods.
  • There is so many token of Metaverse crypto which is used for exchanging goods.


The Upcoming Project Of Metaverse

1. Silk (Metaverse Project)

Well within a metaverse if you wanted to a Horse riding so you need to purchase horse. And with silk crypto you can purchase any avatar and horse. Which are digital representations of real-world thoroughbred horses and are structured as NFTs. This enables Silks to offer a self-sustaining marketplace in which players can trade Silks horses and benefit from value increases.


The exciting thing to note about these Silks horses is that the link to real-world horses is achieved through the use of extensive datasets containing information on the thoroughbred horse’s bloodline, development history, and racing results.


2. ENJIN (Metaverse Project)

Enjin is a unique metaverse project where enjin provides a creator a easy base to create an (Nfts). Which they can use in metaverse games through blockchain. One of the most appealing factors of using Enjin to create NFTs is that it ensures a degree of liquidity at all times.

This means that creators who produce NFTs with Enjin, such as digital art, in-game items, or virtual real estate, can always ‘melt’ their NFT in return for $ENJ – Enjin’s native token. The melting value will differ from asset to asset, although it ensures that no Enjin NFT will ever be illiquid.


There is plenty of tokens are building which we can use in future time of metaverse. Such like sandbox or blockotopia.


Does Metaverse Become Future

Definitely it becomes future for the world because it upgrading itself with the higher investment project.The big giant companies in market investing in metaverse land and cryptocurrency of metaverse further in future the children will not going to demand of toys and gadgets, the thing that will growing on-demand is (virtul reality world of 3-D) which is known as Metaverse. Because technology is the only way to change the human society.

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