What Is Blogging? How To Make Money By Blogging In 2022?

Hello friends, today we will know about blogging in detail. By the way, you will get a lot of information related to blogging on the internet. But here we will try to tell about blogging in very easy language. Let’s start your blogging journey.



Blogging History

What Is Blogging? Friends, before knowing about anything, we must know its history. Before knowing about blogging, let us know its history. The world’s first blog was Links.net.

This blog was created by a man named Justinhall. He was a student of Swarthmore College in 1999. But at that time his blog could not be considered a blog. Because he had created that blog as a personal homepage. Blogging was not so popular until 1999. According to a report by Jesse James Garrett, there were only 23 blogs on the Internet in the year 1999.

The beginning of the 2000s was proving to be good for the blog. Slowly blogging caught its pace in the world of the internet. In the middle of 2006, there were about 50 million blogs on the Internet. And that’s how blogging started slowly.


How To Make Money By Blogging


What Is Blogging?

Blogging is a one-of-a-kind book. Where you provide information to people on the Internet. And when a person searches something about something on Google or any other search engine. So he gets the information given by you there. There are millions of bloggers in this vast world of the internet. Which provides information to the people on some topic or the other. It is not necessary that you can only give information in a blog.

Apart from this, there are many such things about which you can tell something to the people. For example, it can be entertainment, shopping, or even a story. You can also create your own blog for your business.


How does Blogging Works?

Friends, we just learned about blogging. Let us now know how this works. By the way, in today’s time, it has become quite easy to set up a blog.

First of all, we need a domain name. (What Is Blogging) Domain means the name by which your blog will run in Google. Like www.google.com, www.amazon.com, or www.flipkart.com are all domains. After this, we need hosting to prepare a blog. Hosting means where you save your files or from where you write content. And publish it from there.

If you have both of these things then you can set up your blog very easily. After doing this all the work is done from this. The design of the blog, and its customization, from this your content is posted on Google. who slowly ranks in google.


How To Make Money By Blogging?

(How To Make Money By Blogging) Friends, most people make blogs only to earn money. It is absolutely true that in today’s time there are many bloggers who are earning lakhs per month. And there are some bloggers who are able to earn 5 to 6 lakh rupees a month from their blogs. You too can easily earn money in a few months by blogging. Blogging is a kind of business in which there is a lot of risks too. And it also takes a lot of money. I am saying this because there are many bloggers in the world. But not everyone is able to earn lakhs.

Most of these bloggers come from the field of blogging. But fail very quickly. (What Is Blogging) And some people come who work continuously. They get good results. Let us now know in which ways they are. You can earn money by blogging.


Ways OF Earn Money By Blogging

1. Ads Network

Friends, you can earn money very easily by putting ADS in your blog. This method is considered to be the favorite method of all bloggers. For those who are new bloggers, this method is the best way. You can use the Google Adsense network for ADS. Google Adsense is considered to be the best network.

Because it pays a lot of money. And most bloggers use this network. Friends, to put ADS in your blog, you first have to get its approval. Then only you can put ADS in your blog.


2. Direct Advertisement/Promotion

You can also earn money by doing direct advertising. Which we also call promotion. Big companies advertise their brand or their product through your blog. In return, he gives you money. You promote the brand of a third party in your blog and in return you charge some money from them. That is what we call direct advertisement.

But for this, you will need traffic because if there is no traffic coming to your blog. So no company will give you an advertisement.


3. Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn money by doing affiliate marketing from your blog. In affiliate marketing, you have to sell a company’s product through your blog or through social media. In return, you get some commission for that product. You cannot even imagine that many people are easily earning lakhs of rupees from this.

But to earn money in this you will need traffic. Because if people do not visit your blog, then your product will not be able to be sold. In this, you will get money only when you sell the product.


4. Sponsorship/Paid reviews

You can also earn a lot of money from sponsorship. Sponsorship is also a kind of advertisement. But in this, you give a review of any product or any app or software. Review means you tell people how this product is. You tell people that you must also see it by using it, we call it sponsorship. Sponsorship is not so easy to get because for this you and your blog have to be famous.

Because no one can sponsor. Friends get a lot of money in sponsorship.


5. Sell Courses/Online Classes

You can also earn money from blogs by selling your course online. If you want to sell any course then you can. Apart from this, you can earn money by selling your books, novels, and many other things.

Apart from this, you can also start online classes and you can earn money from that too. Anyway, due to Corona, online classes are very much in trend.


Scope OF Blogging In 2022

(Scope OF Blogging In India 2022) Many people believe that there is no scope for blogging. These are the people who have never done blogging. Hearing the words of others, those people say so. There are some people who also say that I started blogging but I did not get results. These are the people who come into the world of blogging thinking that by starting blogging today, they will earn millions after 1 month.

There is a huge difference between blogging and doing it. There are some people who do not have patience and some who work continuously and after some time they get results. By the way, you can also take blogging as a full-time courier. But in today’s time, you will have to work very hard. Then you can make your career in blogging. Whether you go to the field of blogging or go any other field, competition will be found in very high quantities everywhere.

Both hard work and patience are required to beat this competition. Only then you will be able to get success. I told you earlier also blogging is a type of business. You treat it like a business. only then you will be able to achieve something.


Do You Know?

1. At least 5000 new blogs are created in a day.

2. About 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages every month.

3. About 70 million posts are posted in 1 month by people who use WordPress.

4.71% of people have used the English language in their blogs.

5. Hindi blog has less than 30% competition all over the world.


Top 10 Best Blogging Topics In 2022


1. Finance

Money management is something that the whole world is worried about. From small to big man, he thinks about where should he invest his money. For this reason, he keeps searching about finance in Google. You can make your own blog on this topic. Your blog can also rank on this topic because its monthly searches are very high.

Related Topics-

1. Cryptocurrency

2. Frugal living

3. Budgeting

4. Saving for retirement

5. Investing

6. Financial independence


2. Business

Business is a topic that millions of people search about. Due to people not getting jobs, there are many people who want to start a business. But they find it difficult to choose which business to start. And try to get all the information related to business.

Related Topics-

1. How to Start a Business

2. Business Ideas

3. Business Management

4. Small Business Ideas


3. Make Money Online

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money. Most people want to earn money sitting at home. That’s why crores of people search in this topic. Although this topic is a very competitive topic. So if you want to make your blog on this topic. So remember you will have to work very hard. Only then will you be able to get your blog ranked on Google.

Related Topics-

1. Earn Money By Blogging

2. Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing

3. Earn Money By Sharemarket

4. Earn Money By Instagram


4. Shopping

Shopping is a topic that is always on trend. If you want to make a blog related to shopping, then you can also do affiliate marketing with it. Apart from this, you can also start an online shopping business from your blog.

Related Topics-

1. Best Clothes

2. Best Women’s sarees

3. Cheap Clothes

4. Discount Shopping


5. Technology

Technology topic is also always booming. Because there are many people who search about the products of technology like Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops etc. You can also do affiliate marketing very easily with this.

Related Topics-

1. Android Mobiles

2. Computers

3. Beat Laptop

4. Earphones


6. Education

Education is such a topic, on the basis of which lakhs of searches come daily. This topic is always on boom. People have many questions related to education. Which you can answer in your blog.

Related Topics-

1. Education

2. Online Classes

3. Syllabus

4. Online Courses


7. News

You all must know this thing very well that news plays an important role in our life. Another advantage of this topic is that you always have to write posts on trending topics only. You do not have to think about what you should write content above.

Related Topics-

1. Sports

2. Education

3. Bollywood

4. Crime


8. Travel

You can also create a travel-related blog. People can give information about different places. Can give them reviews of places. You can also do affiliate marketing in it. Well, people like to travel around. So you can make your blog on this topic.

Related Topics-

1. Local Travel Tips

2. Travel Deals

3. Digital Nomads


9. Foods

Foods blog is also a good topic. You can also start a food blog. Where you can tell people about different foods. You can also review Foods.

Related Topics-

1. Foods Items review

2. Homebrewing

3. Baking and cooking tips

4. Vegan recipes

5. Dieting tips


10. Beauty & Fashion

Beauty and fashion blogs can prove to be very good blogs. Because on a daily basis, a lot of searches come related to beauty and fashion. You can also do affiliate marketing from this. And you can earn good money from it. Because people do not take risks in their face or fashion. everyone wants to look attractive.

1. Face Beauty

2. Hairfall

3. Glow Faces


Top 10 Bloggers In India

1. Amit Agrawal


2. Harsh Agrawal


3. Faisal Farooqui


4. Shradha Sharma


5. Varun Krishnan


6. Srinivas Tamada


7. Ashish Sinha


8. Arun Prabhudesai


9. Jaspal Singh


10. Amit Bhawani




Friends, if you want to know more about blogging. So you can comment on us. If you are thinking that in today’s time there is no scope for blogging. So this is totally wrong. You will not believe that more searches happen on Google than on YouTube. To do blogging, you will need both patience and hard work. For more information stay connected with us at www.kamchalu.com.

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