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(Weight loss tips at home) Are you worried about your weight? Do you want to reduce your weight within 7 days? If yes, then kamchalu.com has brought some great solutions for you. By doing these methods you can reduce your weight within 1 week. Let’s know about those methods.

1.Lukewarm Water

A glass of lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach is helpful in reducing your weight. I want to tell you people that a glass of lukewarm water every morning can be very beneficial for your body. It flushes out the toxic elements from your body.

By which your body is protected from the virus. (Weight Loss Tips At Home)It is helpful in increasing your metabolic rate which means that your digestive system gets stronger.

You will be surprised to know that it protects your body from deadly diseases like kidney stones and blood infections. It also clears your stomach, apart from this it also has many benefits.

2.Lemon Water

You must be drinking tea in the morning, but instead of tea, if you consume lemon water every morning on an empty stomach, then it can prove to be very beneficial for your body. Lemon water does not allow fat to accumulate in your body, due to which your weight does not increase.

Apart from this, it also reduces your frozen fat.(Weight Loss Tips At Home) Apart from this, lemon water is also helpful in making your skin glow. It also proves to be beneficial for your hair. This keeps your hair shiny and less prone to breakage.

It is also beneficial for those people who lack energy. It transmits energy in your body. If you consume it on an empty stomach every day, then it can prove to be very beneficial for you.


Do you know how dim the sunlight is for us. The elements of giving life are found in sunlight, just as the sun gives life to trees and plants, in the same way it can work to give life to us too. Sunlight for half an hour every morning is very beneficial for our body.

It has innumerable benefits like it is helpful in reducing your weight, it is helpful in eliminating your knee, waist and joint pain from the root. You will be surprised to know that in ancient times people used sunlight as medicine. And due to this, he kept his body fit to a great extent.

But in today’s time, people have increased the distance from the sun, due to which they have to face many diseases like depression, stress, irritability, there are many diseases. If you take morning sun every day, then you will start getting its benefits within a few days.

4.Healthy Breakfast

There will be many of you who feel that to lose weight, you should eat less food. But this is your wrong family because healthy food is the best way to lose weight. You should do healthy break fast because it also keeps your digestive system good and your weight does not increase.

You should keep more amount of protein in your breakfast like eggs, oatmeal, oats, apple, papaya and many more. If your breakfast is not healthy, then your weight increases very fast, always keep in mind that healthy food never increases your weight. Your weight increases by eating straight food.

5.Avoid Fastfood

Friends, fast food has become a part of our life today. Be it small or big, all have been used to it. I am not saying that you should stop eating fast food, but you can definitely reduce it. In today’s time people do not take care of their health at all and take their weight very big.

Eating fast food is not wrong but eating too much of it is wrong. It increases your body fat, apart from this it also spoils your digestive system, due to which your weight keeps increasing day by day. There are a lot of calories in fast food which works to increase your weight. You try to eat at least fast food. you have to avoid it.

6.Use Green Tea

You should consume Green Tea in your daily life. Because science has also given evidence that green tea is helpful in reducing your body fat. If you consume green tea daily, then it can prove beneficial for your body. There are many benefits of green tea.

As it prevents heart diseases, it helps in improving your metabolism, apart from this it keeps your body young and healthy for a long time. A lot of antioxidants are found inside green tea which is beneficial for your body.

You will be surprised to know that after water, tea is the most consumed in the whole world. That is, it is consumed all over the world.

7.Get Plenty of Sleep

This question must have come in the mind of you people that how will the weight of our body be reduced by taking good amount of sleep. Friends, there is a hunger hormone inside our body, due to the release of this hormone, we feel even more hungry.

And this hormone is released only when we do not get enough sleep, due to which we feel hungry in large quantities. You should take a healthy sleep. This is also a good way to lose weight.


By doing exercise, both the fat and weight of our body starts reducing rapidly. Exercise is very important for our body because it has many other benefits like doing it keeps our body healthy, it helps in burning our fat, it is helpful in increasing our metabolic rate and many more benefits.

There are many such exercises which we can do at home. Because many people say that we do not have time. But there are some exercises which we can do in less time and we can also do these exercises inside our home.

9.Avoid Sugar Things

Do you know that sugar-rich things work to increase our weight. Most of the people do not know about this and they eat more sugary things. We have to avoid it, if you really want to lose weight, then you have to follow some things or else your hard work will not be of any use. You should try that you eat less sweets because these items contain a lot of sugar.

10.Eat Whole Grains

You should try that you eat at least oil food. Because oily food increases your weight very fast and also increases your calories. Your effort should be that you can avoid it. Apart from this, you can eat things rich in protein like roti, lentils, sweet potato etc. You can consume them instead of oily food.


(Weight Loss Tips At Home) Friends, there are many other ways to lose weight, by which you can reduce your weight. It is not that weight cannot be reduced, but for that you have to set your mindset. You have to sacrifice with things, only then you will be able to lose weight. Because there is a famous saying that to get something one has to lose something. You have to follow this proverb. You must tell us by commenting, which of these methods did you like best.

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