Vegan diet

In this article, we are going to discuss about the fact on vegan diet. Because this diet always looks very complicated when somebody needed to become healthy.

Although many of times vegetarian people have to follow some of the specific foods of vegan that are really very nutritious and healthy.


Vegan diet
Vegan diet


In Indian culture vegan foods always respected and liked in festivals to . Like Holi, Diwali, rakshabandhan, Dussehra and many of others. But some foods literally very effective on prospects of both benefits and risk.

So, lets start some of the best ingredients on the basis benefits of health and risk.


Foods you can eat with vegan diet


1. Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are the one of the most common ingredients food items in vegan food . Fruits and vegetable that are obtained from the trees and plants generally.

Fruits such like mango, banana, oranges, grapes, pineapple, pomegranate, berries, papaya and etc. All of the fruits are rich sources of nutrient such like, multivitamins, fibres, magnesium, and iron. Vegetables also be considered in rich sources of nutrients which are used to in healthy diet.


2. Nuts and Seeds

We all know how nuts and some of the seeds are very beneficial for health for growth of the body to heath. Nuts generally have high amount of energy are obtained from it’s.

They have nutrition such like, protein, calcium, iron, starch vitamins, and etc. You can eat some of the nuts that benefits of your health like almond, kismis, pista, groundnut etc.


3. Dairy products

Dairy product such as milk cheese, panner, soya milk, coconut milk and almond milk etc. Are the rich sources of nutrients.

Dairy products are very famous in between vegan or vegetarian peoples. Because it developed your body growth and as well as your brain function.

Study tell us people who always follow the dairy product in diet are always stay heathy and prospective too.


4. Breads rice and Pasta

Breads are the production of wheat crops. Which are very useful and famous in India for vegan

foods. You can also eat rice and pasta who deliver you more energy and nutrition factor. Its have lot of good fats, protein, carbohydrates, and Iron. Which make your life healthy.


5. Vegetarian oils

Vegetarian oils are one of the most famous ingredients in Indian which make people people skins healthy, bone stronger and more nutritious. You can use ghee, mustard oil, Vanaspati oil and etc.


Foods you cannot eat in vegan diet

Well there are so many foods that you cannot eat in vegan diet. Generally those foods are non – vegetarian in nature. So lets show you up

  1. porks and turkey
  2. Fish and crabs or other sea organism
  3. Milks and ither diary products.
  4. Eggs
  5. Chickens, beefs and duck
  6. Honey


Health risk of Vegan Diet

Generally those people who obey vegan diet consumed many ill – nutrition . And make thier body unhealthy. Some the dieses that occurs in following of vegan diets are

  1. Cholesterol .
  2. High blood pressure .
  3. Blood sugar.
  4. Gaining of unhealthy weight.
  5. Hair fall
  6. Under growth of the body.


Health benefits of vegan food diet

There are so many problems or disease occurs when you are following non vegan foods . But in following vegan foods some of the most common diseases risk completely falls down. Such of these are

  1. Reduces Cancer risk.
  2. Reduces asthma symptoms.
  3. Promote bone health.
  4. Reduces heart disease.

This is why vegan diet is good.


Weight loss with vegan diet

You can loss your weight by some of the foods that include in vegan diet.

  1. Eating of drumsticks.
  2. Eating of fruits and non starchy vegetables.
  3. Nuts and seeds help you in falling down of weight.
  4. Eating types of pulses.
  5. Some non – fatty breads or brown breads.


Weight loss diet for the vegetarian

Here are some of the best food diet for loosing of weight in vegetarian diet are

  1. Include high amount of antioxidants foods broccoli, soyabean seeds and pulses.
  2. Including of high amount of protein .
  3. Fruits and vegetables who produces high amount of citrus acids
  4. Pumpkin seeds.
  5. Vegan Dairy products.


Vegan Diet for weight gain

Some of the ingredients that increases your body weight by vegan diet.

  1. Including high amount of starch
  2. Including amount of banana and mangoes.
  3. Pulses
  4. Including foods of high amount of protein fat and carbohydrates
  5. Including curd and buttermilk.


Vegan diet for bodybuilding

Yes there are so many amount of calories and protein that are founded in vegan foods. If you are

vegan and wanted to do bodybuilding than there are lots of foods items are there in vegan store for you with healthy nutrition. such as

  1. Pulses
  2. Beans and lugmus
  3. Amarnath and fruits
  4. chia seeds and sunflower
  5. plant milk and products
  6. Nuts and seeds
  7. soy products
  8. Drumsticks



Hope you will get all the information about vegan foods and diet as well. And some of the best ingredients of vegan foods. If you follow all this ingredient in your diet than you will get an Healthy lifestyle too.

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