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Friends, you must have known about blogging. If you do not know about blogging, then what is blogging for you on this website and how to do it? Information related to this is available on this website. Today we are going to tell you about the types of blogs. How many types of blogging are there or can be. let’s start


Types Of Blog

Friends, in the world of blogging, there are only 5 types of blogs. Such as Personal blogs, Niche blogs, News blogs, Affiliate blogs and Business blogs. Apart from these, there are many blogs like fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs etc. Today we are going to know about these blogs in detail.


1. Personal Blog

Personal blogging started before 1990. But in the 1990s personal blogging was on the rise. That is, people were liking personal blogging. Personal blogging was also known as online diaries.

Personal blogging people like to share more than knowing which they have a lot of knowledge. Or the field about which he knows more than you, the same people like to do personal blogging. You do not have to have many professions to do personal blogging. You just need to have knowledge about things.

If we talk about an example, it can have a music blog, a food blog, and can be fashion blog and there can be many other blogs.


2. Business Blog

A business blog is usually for business only. There is a lot of focus on two things in a business blog, one is the growth and awareness of that business, both these things are very much focused. The business blog contains complete information about that business. What is that business about, what are the services of that business, there is information about all these things.

Business blogging can be done in two ways, either the business creates a blog of its own or it hires the services of other bloggers. There can be both types of bloggers, he can also be a famous blogger and he can also be a less famous blogger. It depends on how much the business wants to invest.

bloghubs.com is a kind of business blog where you are given information about their products and services.


3. Niche Blog

Niche blogs are those blogs where you do blogging on one particular topic. In niche blogging, a target audience is targeted. The person or firm who does niche blogging gets completely inside that particular topic.

Like your blog is running a niche blog. In that blog, you provide information about blogging. So you cannot go anywhere except blogging. If you will write content then what is your topic for blogging?

What are the types of blogging? What are the benefits of blogging etc. There can be many such topics. But all the topics should be related to your niche.

For example, you can see Neil Patel’s blog, his blog is related to digital marketing, so you get to see only information related to digital marketing in his blog.


4. Affiliate Marketing Blog

Affiliate blogs are created in a way to make products and services reach their audience. In an affiliate blog, you are given information about a particular product and service. An affiliate blog is the best way to earn money online.

You can earn a lot from this. In today’s time, people are earning a lot of money from affiliate marketing. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it does not require any kind of investment. If you want to know more detail about Affiliate Marketing. So we have given information related to affiliate marketing for you in this blog. you can read it.


5. News Blog

You all must know about the news blog. From the news itself, we understand that news blogs are made for news. News blog can be of many types like sports, bollywood, business news, local area news can be of many types. It is not at all that you can create a news blog on only one particular topic, you can show all kinds of news in a single blog. You can classify them.



We told you in detail about the types of blogs in this post. You can create any type of blog and work on it. But for that, you will need some hard work. You must tell us by commenting on what kind of blog you want to create. kamchalu.com thanks you for visiting the page.

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