Traffic is also necessary for Google Adsense Approval

(Google Adsense Requirements) Whenever a new blogger starts a new blog. So its first objective is to get the approval of Google Adsense. But getting the approval of Google Adsense is not such an easy task.

There can be many reasons for that. A question resonates every moment in the mind of all the new bloggers regarding approval. To get Adsense approval.

Traffic is essential. By the way, many other questions keep resonating in the mind of new bloggers. But they get answers to those questions. This is one such question.

To which no one has given the correct answer to date. Today I am going to give you the answer to this question from my blogging experience. Because I also got the approval of Adsense after 7 months. let’s start.


Is traffic necessary for google AdSense?

If you keep in mind the policy of Google. So traffic is not required for Google Adsense approval on a website or blog. But if I tell you that without traffic you will not be able to get the approval of Google Adsense.

For that, you will need traffic. So will you support me on this point? do. But friends, this is absolutely true. You must have heard many bloggers and YouTubers saying that Adsense approval does not require traffic. But this is completely false.

Think about this yourself. Whenever a person or company comes to Google to promote their product or service. So she spends money thinking about this. Or give it to Google. That whichever website it is being promoted.

There should be an amount of audience there. Think for yourself that why would someone get promoted in such a place. Where there are no people. So what would be the point of spending his money?

Because it costs a lot of money to promote. When a person or firm gives money to Google for promotion. So Google would also like that it should promote that firm in such a place.

Where the traffic comes. Now tell me why Google will allow you to run AIDS without any traffic. Along with your content, your traffic also plays a big role. When I started my blogging journey. So I also used to feel that traffic doesn’t matter.

And I used to focus only on the content. But when 6 months passed. And I didn’t get AdSense approval. So I understood one thing. That I am writing the content right but along with it I would also need traffic.

And then I started working on traffic. And the result is in front of you. Took approval from Google Adsense on my same website after 7 months.

That’s why friends, traffic is a very important factor. For Adsense approval. Even if your post is short. But you have a huge audience.

So you will get the approval without any delay. I hope you got the answer to your question.

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