Top 5 Vitamin D Food.

(Vitamin D Rich Food) Friends, the world in which we are living today. In that world, we get to see all kinds of diseases. Today we have brought in front of you one such common disease. Which seems to be a common thing today.

Yes, I am talking about Vitamin D deficiency. This is also a disease. In research, it has been found that in today’s time people are deficient in Vitamin D.

The biggest reason for this is that the person of today’s time always keeps himself locked in the room. Home to office and office to home.

He does not want to associate with the natural. By the way, we have the biggest source of Vitamin D. But people always run away from him. I am talking about the sun here. We get plenty of Vitamin D from sunlight.

But many people avoid this light. Vitamin given is considered very important for our body. Because of this vitamin, our bones and our teeth remain strong.

Apart from this, there are many benefits like not getting tired soon, no diseases coming into the body, and many more benefits.

But it is a pity that even after being such a great source of Vitamin D, most people are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. People take different types of medicines to increase this vitamin.

But still, they are not able to overcome this shortcoming. Today we will tell you about 5 Vitamin Rich Foods and Methods. After adopting it you will never have a deficiency of this vitamin.

Top 5 Vitamin D Rich Food

1. Milk

Milk is considered an excellent and very good source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is found in abundance in milk. For your information, let us tell you that all the things made from milk like cheese, curd, ghee, etc. Adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D are found in all these things.

2. Sun

The sun is such a source that gives you a good amount of vitamin D without having to eat anything without any money. For your information, let us tell you that our ancestors used to use sunlight in a very good way.

Perhaps many of you do not know that the diseases of our body can be cured by sunlight. There are many such benefits of sunlight that you people do not even know. Or you people do not want to know about those benefits. Because today’s people run away from the rays of the sun. Due to this they have to face various diseases.

3. Egg Yolk

You must have known about eggs. There will be many people who like it very much and consume it in their daily life. By the way, a lot of protein and minerals are found in the whole egg itself.

But which is the yellow part of the egg, which we also call (egg yolk). Vitamin D and calcium are found in high amounts in it. Eggs are enough to meet half of the amount of Vitamin D a normal human needs. Apart from this, there are many such benefits of eggs which keep your body completely fit.

4. Tomato

Tomato is the pride of our vegetable. Tomato makes the vegetable tasty as well as enhances its quality. You must have heard for the first time that by eating tomatoes, there is no deficiency of vitamin D in the body.

This is also 100% true. Many such properties are found inside tomatoes which remove all kinds of deficiencies in your body.

It also contains Vitamin D. Vitamin D is found in the amount obtained inside tomatoes.

Apart from this, tomato gives you many other benefits such as it is helpful in weight loss, prevents serious diseases like cancer, increases your eyesight. and many more.

5. Turnip

Turnip is a vegetable that many people like. And also consume this vegetable in your daily routine. Those who consume green vegetables and turnip vegetables believe that they will never need any kind of vitamins and minerals.

Because so many vitamins are already present in these vegetables, after which we do not need any kind of medicine. But today’s trend is different. Today people run more towards fast food and outside food. And also become the victim of big diseases. But still don’t agree.


Friends, today we told you about 5 such Vitamin D Rich Foods. and if you want a more interesting topic like this then do read my friend’s website article he also makes a wonderful article like health and yoga tips FitIndia. After that, you will not need any kind of medicine. Out of these, you will follow any one thing or item. So your vitamin D level will be under control. Because these are five such things that are rich in Vitamin D. I hope you liked this post. You can give us your opinion in the comment box.

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