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Zika virus has created panic in Kanpur. In the past few days, there has been a rapid increase in the cases of Zika virus. For your information, let us tell you that Zika virus is spread by the bite of a mosquito called Aedes.

This same mosquito whose bite causes diseases like dengue and malaria. These days this virus has created havoc in Kanpur.

For your information, let us tell you that the first case of Zika virus came in Kanpur on 22 October 2021. And in a few days this figure has crossed 100.

It is being speculated that this record may be broken in the coming time. The Zika virus is spreading out of Kanpur and is catching up in other areas as well.

That is, it is quite clear that if people are careless, then the increase of these cases in India can be very fast. In such a situation, we have to stay away from Zika virus. until things get better.

Now let’s talk about what are the symptoms of Zika virus?

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Symptoms OF Zika Virus

1.You may have fever.


3.Pimple or Rash on the body

4.Joint Pain

5.Burning or Reddening of the eyes

6.Muscle Pain

If you are also facing these problems. So do not delay at all, contact your nearest hospital today. Because your carelessness can cause your life.

How Zika Virus Spreads?

1.Zika virus is spread through the bite of the Aedes mosquito.

2.This virus can spread from a pregnant woman to her baby.

3.Zika can also be spread by having physical contact with an infected person.

4.Zika can also be spread by donating blood from an infected person.

How To Avoid Zika Virus?

1.Don,t Let Water Stagnate

As we know, this virus is spread by the bite of a mosquito. So the first effort of our protection should be that we should not allow water to accumulate at any place.

Because the Aedes mosquito thrives in clean water. If we do not allow water to accumulate anywhere. So this fish will not be able to take birth. And when he is not able to take birth, he will not be able to activate us.

2.Mostly Stay At Home

For your information, tell that the Aedes mosquito bites more during the day time. Therefore, your second attempt to avoid this should be to spend maximum time at home. So that you do not have to face this deadly mosquito.

3.Wear Full Clothes

The third way to avoid the Zika virus is to wear full arms these days. Due to this, most of your body will be covered with clothes. And when your body is covered with clothes then no mosquito will be able to harm you.

4.Use mosquito net or Coils

Make sure to use mosquito nets and coils while sleeping at night. By doing this you will stay away from mosquitoes. And along with avoiding Zika virus, you will also be saved from deadly diseases like dengue, malaria.


kamchalu.com requests you not to let this Zika virus become corona virus. If this happens, then there will be a big epidemic. So take care of yourself and your society. because your life is precious

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