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Omicron virus knock what is the truth in India

Who does not know the coronavirus today? This deadly virus that completely shook the world has returned. Let me tell you that this virus is not taking the name of ending.

This virus changes itself many times to keep itself alive. And you will be surprised to know that every time this deadly virus becomes even more dangerous.

Today we are going to introduce you to a new form of coronavirus, which is named the Omicron virus. For your information, let us tell you that this Omicron virus is more dangerous than other viruses.

This virus has been confirmed in South Africa. And this virus is causing havoc there. The reach of this virus is not limited to South Africa only. Slowly this virus has spread in 16 countries.

And it is being speculated that after some time this Omicron virus will spread all over the world. Scientists have to say that this virus is 7 times deadly than the previous coronavirus.

This means that if this virus spreads in the world, it will cause havoc badly. Along with this, this virus spreads very fast. Seeing this virus, the Government of India has come on alert.

The Government of India has released a list of countries in which cases of the virus are increasing. There is strict surveillance at the airport.

This virus is also being said to be dangerous because so far 32 mutations have happened in this virus. That is, the sooner the virus mutates itself.

That virus is just as dangerous. Although not a single case of this virus has been seen in India so far. But the people of India should be careful. Because even if by mistake the Omicron virus spreads in the country of India, it can cause a lot of devastation.

Which you could not even imagine. So be careful and appeals to all of you to follow all the rules of Corona. Only then will we be able to defeat this virus.


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