Makhana ( Fox Nuts) | Health Benefits of Makhana

Today we are going to talk to you about Health Benefits of Makhana, the superfood. Makana is the puff seed of water Lily plants. People usually mistake Makana with Lotus puff seeds, but no Lotus and the water Lily, they look quite alike.

Makana are especially the puff seeds of Water Lily. No wonder Makana is the superfood is regaining lots of popularity today.

It is high in nutrition and has a neutral flavor that allows us to use it to prepare a healthy and delicious snack for children and adults as well as a nutritious meal for pregnant women and new mothers.

Today I’m going to share multiple benefits of this superfood.



1. Assist in Weight Loss

Makana is a superfood that promotes weight loss due to its high protein and high fibrous content. Protein helps manage your appetite and lessens food cravings. Whereas fiber passes slowly to your digestive tract, keeping you satiated fully throughout the day. We are often hungry between meals.

Craving often leads to binge eating and we end up eating fried and processed food instant. Try this light but filling Makana chivda which will fulfill your hunger and help you follow a weight loss program.


2. It prevents aging

Every day a handful of Makhana will make you look younger and skin glowing. As Makhana are high in antioxidants, they are excellent antiaging food.

Makana contains Kaempferol and antiaging enzyme. This natural flavonoid helps to prevent wrinkles and slowing down the aging process of the skin.

Makana is also an astringent which cleans and tightens the pores of the skin. It also reduces hair loss and premature grain. Try this excellent anti-wrinkle face pack.

Understand how to make the pack soak one bowl of Makana in two to three glasses of milk. Once it is soft, add a tablespoonful of lemon juice.

Now using two to three tablespoonfuls of milk, grind them well. Do not add the milk that was used for soaking. Grind this mixture until it becomes a paste. Your anti-wrinkle pack is ready to use. For optimal results, use this pack twice a week.


3. Improves Cognitive Function

Makana contains a large amount of vitamin B1. As a result, their consumption helps in the nervous cognitive function. Eating Makana promotes the production of acetyl coline, which helps in the neuro-transmission process.

After roasting some Makana in ghee for a couple of minutes. You can add it into a bowl of warm milk and consume it like a cereal.

You can add some amateurs also in the bowl of the cereal to improve the nutritive value. It is a highly nutritious and satisfying breakfast. If you start your day on such a
healthy note, Your cognitive function will improve and your day will go very well.


4. Helps in Infertility and erectile dysfunction

Taking Makana on a regular basis is useful for the treatment and prevention of infertility, especially in women.

It works by strengthening the uterine lining. Makana’s are excellent for treating erectile dysfunction of men.

Makana’s have the ability to boost testosterone hormones in men. Take a small bowl of Macana shallow. Fry the Makana in one or two teaspoonfuls of heat and you can consume this anytime during the day, whenever you feel like monthly.


5. It regulates your blood sugar level

Makana is widely used in our Indian recipes, especially during fasting. Makana’s are high in protein and carbohydrates and have a low glycaemia index Making them ideal for diabetes.

Makana’s low glycaemia index keeps you saturated for a full long time which prevents you from binge eating later. Another reason that Makana’s are the best foods Is to treat obesity and diabetes. They have high migration and low salt content.

So, explore the various ways you can incorporate this superfood in your daily diet. Along with these amazing health benefits, regular consumption of Makana can really improve your heart health.

It doesn’t bone immune system is boosted. It enhances digestion and much more. I repeatedly say that anything which is very good should be eaten in balance, no matter how healthy it is.

Overconsumption of Makana can cause constipation and bloating. So consume this superfood wisely and enjoy great health.

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