Make Money Online Without Any Investment


(Make Money Online) Do you want to earn money online from your phone or PC sitting at home? Friends, you must know how big role money plays in our lives. Without money, you cannot survive in this world for long. But there are many people who do not get a job or do not have enough money to open their business. For such people, has brought the 10 best ways to earn money online, let’s start.

Make Money Online Without Any Investment
Make Money Online Without Any Investment


Earn Money Without Investment

Friends, the platform we will know about now is all without an investment platform. You may or may not invest in them, but you can still start them. Like you may or may not invest in blogging. But I would suggest that if you are blogging and want to earn money from it, then you must do some investment. If you do not want to invest then you can also do it for free.


1. Blogging

Many of you must have heard about blogging. Blogging is a kind of website where you share different types of information with people and Google or other search engine reaches that information to the people. Many of you must be thinking that nowadays people prefer watching content instead of reading but it is not so at all.

I would like to show you some statistics from YouTube and Google. On Google, there are 3.8 million searches within a minute and in Whey YouTube the figure is very small. There are 3 million searches in a month on YouTube, where Google takes only one minute to complete these figures. Those who think that there is no scope in blogging, are absolutely wrong. You can earn a lot of money by blogging sitting at home.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money online. Affiliate marketing means to sell a product through one of our online networks and get some commission in return, that is what we call affiliate marketing. Today there are many people around the world who are earning lakhs or more by doing affiliate marketing from home.

If you do blogging then you may have to spend some money but affiliate marketing is absolutely free. You do not need investment to do this or to earn money from it. Affiliate marketing has been booming since 2006.

If you get hold of it now, then your future can be bright. To do this, you must have social media accounts or a blog or any other means where you can share your affiliate link. You can start it today.


3. Freelancing

Freelancing is a kind of service where you give service to people and in return, you charge some money from them. To do freelancing, you have to be an expert in something because you will get the work only when you are an expert in that field.

There are many people who do freelancing but are not able to earn money from freelancing for a long time. That is the biggest reason for it. Think for yourself that the person who will take service of something from you will first check your quality.

Because he will give you money instead. So first he will check whether you are really a professional in that field or not. Then he will give you work. Freelancing is also an investment platform where you do not need any kind of investment. There are many platforms where you can sell your service.


Best Freelancing Websites

1. Toptal
2. Guru
3. Upwork
4. Fiverr
5. Aquent


4. Youtube

There will hardly be any person who does not know about YouTube. If you want any kind of video, then your hands must first go to YouTube. Do you know that you can earn money online from YouTube? You can also earn money from youtube sitting at home.

But for that, you should have a firm intention in your mind. I have also seen such people who start a youtube channel and publish 5 to 6 videos too but when they don’t get the result they leave it. And there are some of them who keep working on YouTube continuously for a long time and after some time they start getting results.

YouTube is a platform where you need two things, one you need a creative mind and second, you need professionalism. If you have these two things, then you will definitely include your name in the world’s best YouTuber in the coming time. So go create your youtube channel today and start working.


5. Social Media

Social media is a platform or network in which 57% of the world’s population is connected to each other. You cannot even imagine that social media has become and is becoming a big hub. Be it big or small, everyone wants to connect with social media.

You can take advantage of this, if your fan following is good or even a little bit, then you can earn money online from it. There are many ways to earn money from social media like paid promotion, advertisement, affiliate marketing etc.

People who have more fan following, use ad networks, that is, they promote a product or do advertising from their account. And people who do not have a fan following prefer to do affiliate marketing. You too can earn money online sitting at home with the help of these methods. This method also comes in the methods of without investment.


Earn Money Online With Investment

Friends, till now most of the platforms we told you about were without investment platforms. Now the platforms that you will know about are all investment platforms. But do not panic, you can start these platforms with a small investment and earn money online while sitting at home.


6. Cryptocurrency

There will be very few of you who do not know about cryptocurrency. Because this is a completely new thing, although it is not so new, it is a new thing for countries like India. It is a type of digital currency that works on the blockchain.

Like bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, there are more than 5000 thousand cryptocurrencies in the market. A common person can earn money from this in 2 ways, the first way by trading and the second way by buying and selling. Apart from this, there are many other ways by which you can earn money like crypto mining.

But it takes a lot of investment. So you use only two methods trading and buying and selling. You can start it with Rs.100 as well. There are many such you who give you a chance at 100 rupees only. To invest in cryptocurrency. There are many other apps like Koinswitch Kuber, Wazirx, and many more. Also, there are many cheap cryptocurrencies in 2022 to Invest in that can give a profit.


7. Bot Trading

Another name for bot trading is automatic trading. Bot trading is a type of computer program where the computer earns profit for you by trading in cryptocurrencies and the stock market for you.

Simply put, a computer program does automatic trading for you and makes a profit out of it. This system is more beneficial for those who do not have much knowledge of cryptocurrency or the stock market. And it is also beneficial for those who do not have time to trade.

However, you cannot do bot trading directly, for that first you have to create an account, then you have to add this account to the exchange. It is not as difficult as you think. You can do bot trading in very easy steps. You can search about it in YouTube or Google, you will get enough knowledge.


8. Fantasy

You must have heard about Dream11, it is a fantasy app. If you have an interest in sports or have little knowledge about it, then you can earn money from here. You do not need much investment to earn money from fantasy apps. You can make from Rs.49 to Rs.1 crore.

I am not showing you any false dreams, I am telling you the truth. There are many such people in Dream 11 who have set a gap of 1 crore by investing 49 rupees. But it is not necessary that your name should also be included in them.

Apart from this, there is a small league where the competition is less and there are chances of winning. Before playing any fantasy league, be aware that there is financial risk involved and you can get addicted to it. You can also use it part-time.


9.(P2P Landing) Peer to Peer Landing

P2P Lending is an online platform where both the lender and the borrower work. Meaning that if you want a loan then you will get the loan from here and the person giving the loan will charge some interest on the loan which he will earn.

Remember, the address verification is physical and the rest of the work is done online. Although it takes a little more investment because no person will take a loan of 100 rupees from you, he will not take such a big loan that you can not give it. This is a great way to earn money online. You can earn money online from this and people also earn.


10. Trading

You must have heard about trading, this means that by applying a fixed amount, you have to predict whether this share will go up or down. If your prediction turns out to be correct, then you get money in return. If your prediction turns out to be wrong, then your invested money will be lost and you will lose.

There are many types of trading like day trading, position trading, swing trading etc. You should know about it completely before trading. Because of this, you may have to face financial loss. By the way, if you invest in any platform, then almost everyone has financial risk. You can also do trading in Sharemarket, Cryptocurrency etc.



Friends, if you want to earn money online, then you have to have a firm intention because some of these platforms are time-taking, but if you get success in them, then your life will change. But to work on those platforms, you will have to work both patiently and hard.

Any platform from 1 to 5 can change your life. If you want to earn money by taking risks then you can use the 6 to 7 number platform. You must tell us by commenting which method you liked the best. thanks you for visiting the page.

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