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Increase immunity power and avoid third wave of corona Virus

Corona virus is one such name. Which has forced the small to big countries of the world to bow down. This virus neither sees your strength.

Neither does he see your caste nor does he see your wealth. From small to big man. Everyone has become a victim of this. And for the last 2 years, this virus has troubled the people of the whole world.

Slowly things were getting better. But this virus has knocked again. Yes, heard absolutely right, the third wave of corona has arrived in most of the countries of the world.

India is also included in that country. And according to sources, this wave is considered very dangerous. Because the speed of the third wave is very fast.

In the blink of an eye, it can take you into its trap. In such a situation, there is a lot of fear inside the people. People are very scared. As we talked about now, Corona does not look at the rich poverty.

If it sees then your immunity. Yes if you have good immunity. So Corona will not even touch you. But this does not mean at all that you do not follow the Corona rules.

Yes but it is absolutely true that if immunity is good. So you can definitely avoid this corona. Today we are going to tell you 5 such ways to boost your immunity. With the help of which your immunity power will increase to a great extent.


5 Method Increase Immunity Power


Amla can prove to be the most effective way to increase immunity. If you consume it regularly. For your information, let us tell you that Vitamin C is found in abundance inside Amla.

Which helps you in boosting your immunity. Winter season is going on. And you can easily get amla in the market. If you want that you and your family can be saved from the third wave of Corona.

So from today itself you can consume one amla daily. But remember that Amla alone is not enough to save you from Corona. Rather, you have to follow the corona rules as well.

2.Turmeric milk

If we talk about spices. So turmeric is one of the best spices. Because many beneficial properties are found inside turmeric. Which is very beneficial for our body. There are many of you.

Those who drink turmeric milk while sleeping. For the information of those who do not drink, I want to tell that such elements are found inside turmeric. Which help you in boosting your immunity.

Drink a glass of milk mixed with turmeric while sleeping at night. Due to which your immunity will not only increase and your body can also develop. And you can also avoid the third wave of corona.

3.Dry Fruits

When we get sick and there is a lack of strength in our body. So the doctor advises us to consume dry fruits. But dry fruits are not just for increasing your energy. It also increases your immunity.

Many people think of dry fruits as only energy booster. But when you consume dry fruits. So you feel completely healthy and energetic. There are many ways to eat dry fruits. But eat dry fruits after soaking them in water.

So its power increases even more. And it can prove to be even more beneficial for our body.

4.Green Vegetable Salad

Many beneficial elements are found inside green vegetables. Which develop our immunity as well as our body. There should be a salad of 40 percent green vegetables in your diet.

Because as much protein will not give you food. A salad of green vegetables will give you 2 times more protein than that. Therefore, from today onwards, you should consume green vegetables. And make salad a part of your diet.


You will be surprised to know that you can increase your immunity even by laughing. This method is completely natural. Neither do you need to spend money nor eat anything in it.

You can also make it a part of your exercise. The more you laugh the happier you will be. Your immunity power will increase in the same amount. so start laughing today.


Friends, these were 5 such ways with the help of which you can increase immunity. But just boosting immunity will not work. You will also have to follow the Corona rules along with it and get it done by others.

Your one effort can save people from the third wave of corona

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