How To Make Your Skin Glow Naturally At Home

How To Make Your Skin Glow Naturally At Home. Everyone desires soft and smooth skin and we do take care of our skin by applying little creams and moisturizers and natural oils and packs and so on.

But despite taking all that care, people still feel sometimes the problem of acne and pimples and so on. And then what do they do? And they begin the treatment by applying hundreds of beauty products. But before starting with all these external beauty remedies person first pays attention on what person is eating.

Person must take care about the hygiene of our internal organs. That is Gut. Understand, poor gut means poor skin health. Skin problems are common with people who have gastrointestinal diseases, which also includes inflammatory bowel diseases.

We have both good as well as bad bacteria in our gut. But the imbalance between these bacteria weakens the main barrier.

This barrier prevents the bacterial byproducts undigested protein and toxins from entering the bloodstream. Many inflammatory skin diseases such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis.

I’ve been linked to disorders of gut bacteria. Intake of junk, processed, and unhygienic products eaten is going to cause gut inflammation. Food which is not properly digested or excreted from the system forms a morbid lining in the canal. This coating causes stomach problems which has a negative impact on the skin.

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Today I’m going to share one powerful Kriya that would help your gut to remain clean and this will keep your skin healthy and glowing. This Kriya is called Vaman Dhouti or gastric autolavage or Stomach wash.

Vaman Dhouti is a powerful Kriya which helps to clean the morbid lining of the Canal. It has great benefits on the internal organs, including liver, kidney, and intestine. Before practicing this Kriya, it is very important to know who cannot practice this.

The limitations include people suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems, ulcers in the stomach, spinal disorders like cervical spondylitis, lip disk and colitis and acidity. So now understand how to do this.

First, take two jugs of warm water that is previously boiled and strained. Add one tablespoonful of salt and sodium by carbonate in equal proportion. Serve the content and drink the water till you feel your stomach is full.


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If possible, retain the water for some time in the stomach. Put your abdominal in the stomach in and then bend forward and vomit it out. If vomit doesn’t come, just rub your fingers on your tongue and go on vomiting.

This technique should be performed only in the morning with totally empty stomach and after this person should lie down for 1015 minutes before attending to the morning.

Other activities with this technique, you are actually cleaning your stomach, but to really

clean your interest times early. Well, the whole day you are supposed to eat only a sufficient amount of fruits, a sufficient amount of boiled vegetables, and nothing yet all this will help cleaning your entire elementary canal route from mouth till the largest side.

But this Vaman dhouti should be done only once in a month. Rest of the time you must be alert and aware about what you are eating as far as possible.

Avoid junk. Avoid processed food.

Avoid readymade products which you open and eat or open the bottle and drink. Avoid overeating.

If you follow Systematic Disciplined life, then naturally your skin will remain healthy. All such things will help you. Nourish each skin cell and keep your skin soft and supple.

A healthy gut will prevent the inflammation of internal organs, and this will ensure that your skin will remain free of acne.

So practice Powerful Kriya Once in a month to keep your gut really healthy and make your skin very smooth. Silky And Glowing

Take Care Namaskar.

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