How To Get Google Adsense Approval?

When a blogger steps into the field of blogging. So his first thought remains that he should get the approval of Google AdSense in his website as soon as possible. Because most of the people come to earn money in the field of blogging.

There are very few people who do blogging for hobby. That’s why any blogger tries to get the approval of Google AdSense on his website as soon as possible. So that ad shows start happening on his website and his earning starts. But there are very few people who are able to get the approval of Google AdSense quickly. Most of the people have to face rejection every time.

It is not that we cannot take the approval of AdSense. But many new bloggers do not know that what things should be taken care of to get the approval of Google AdSense. I am also a blogger and I have also got the approval of Google AdSense in my website within 1 month and five days.

Whose name was I will share my personal experience with you guys that how I got approval of Google AdSense within 1 month?



1. Don’t Use Copyright Content

Content is the king of any website. Content decides your ranking. This is what brings traffic to your website. This increases the authority of your website. And this gives you the approval of Google AdSense.

Your content decides your blogging journey. If your content is unique, you have explained your point properly. So you do not have to face much trouble in getting AdSense approval. While writing the content, keep in mind that the content written by you is not copyrighted.

Or have you copied and pasted from any other website. If so, then Google will neither give you the approval of AdSense nor will your website ever be ranked. You can take ideas from other websites but you have to write the content in your own way.


2. Don’t Use Copyright Images

Image is very important for your content. Because it makes your content attractive. Just like AdSense does not approve any copyrighted content. Similarly, copyrighted images also do not get approval. If you use copyrighted image in your content then there is very less chance that you will get Google AdSense approval in one go. Because along with your content, your images also rank in Google.

Friends, I never used to use any copyrighted images. And never used to download free images. I used to create the image myself for my content. There are many tools where you can create images. Like Canva, PicsArt, I used to create images with the help of these tools. which I never got copyright issue.


3. Minimum Content

By the way, there is no such rule from Google AdSense. But you have to keep in mind that when you are applying for AdSense, then at least 15 to 20 content on your website should be 1000 words. With this you will never get the error of low value content. Many bloggers face this problem.

I have also faced this error many times in my website till now. Your content should be 1000. It has two advantages. One, you do not have to face the low value content error. Second, your post is easily ranked in Google. Because Google never ranks content with less words. So always focus that your content should be between 1000 to 1500 words.


4. Content Index

If you have written your unique content and each content is written between 1000 to 1500 words. And you think that you have done everything right, even then you are facing low value content error. So this means that your content is not getting indexed in Google.

That is, you have posted your content but Google’s crawler is not able to crawl your content. While applying, check this thing whether the content written by you is getting indexed in Google or not. You can use Google Search Console to get your content indexed quickly.


5. Do Not Use Adult Content

If you are publishing some such content on your website which is against the policies of Google AdSense. So you forget that you will get AdSense approval sometime in your life. If you use any kind of adult things in your content, then AdSense will never approve you. Because it is against the policy of Google AdSense.

Therefore, you should take care that you never post anything wrong on your website. Apart from this, even if you post the download link of a movie or a game, you can still see the error of Google Policy Violation.


6. SEO Optimize Content

SEO has become essential for every business and every single website in today’s time. While posting content, you have to keep in mind whether you have done your SEO well or not. Your keywords, meta description, links and much more that comes under SEO.

Whether you have implemented all those things in your content or not. SEO also has its own distinct advantages. The biggest factor in getting your post ranked is. Secondly, the AdSense team also feels that the content is unique and it can be called good content.


7. Use SEO Optimize Theme

The design of your website depends on your theme. You should always use SEO optimize theme on your website. Many people go to any website and download the theme. But many of them are crack themes.

Due to which you always get the error of policy violation. So whether you are using Blogger or WordPress, whatever theme is available to you, apply the same theme on your website.



If you apply for the approval of Google AdSense keeping these 7 things in mind, then believe that you will get the approval of AdSense in the very first time. I also followed these things and got approval within a month. How did you like this post, you can tell us by commenting.


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