Has the third wave of corona Virus really arrived in India?

Corona Alert In India

Corona virus is a name that has shaken the whole world completely. In today’s time there will be a person who is not aware of this dangerous virus.

From Aamir to the poor little to the big old man, there is no such person who does not know about this virus. This deadly virus has returned again to the lakhs of people.

Well it was never completely completely. For your information, this virus has returned again in a large population country like India. In the last days, Corona virus case has increased.

At the place where the people seemed that the corona virus was completely finished. This virus has been reversed. It is also being said that the third wave of Corona virus has come in India.

Because the figures also make something similar. Let’s know what is the situation of Corona virus in the last days.

In the last ten days in India, the death figure has become double. Where there was a death of 197 people in India on 15 November 2021. This figure reached 397 on November 24.

You can guess these figures that how fast Corona virus is becoming a grip. From 3 days, this figure has gone across 9 000. For your information, Koreona alert has been issued in India’s 13th state.

That is, the risk of viruses in these states is growing very fast. The total data of Corona is also increasing rapidly. This is a concern. The only reason for growing cases is that people are becoming very careless. His carelessness is knocking for the third wave of Corona in India

According to sources, it has also been learned that a new variant of Corona is responsible behind the third wave. It is also being told that the death toll is also increasing due to new variants.

But for your information, we want to tell that this new variant has been found in South Africa. So don’t fall for rumours. But that does not mean at all that this new variant cannot come to India.

Because we should not forget that Corona had spread from China and spread all over the world. Although the Indian government is on alert after getting the new variants.

But nothing happens just because the government is alert. People also have to understand. Because only the government can make rules. We have to follow it.

Friends, I just want to tell you that there is still time to improve. Otherwise this third wave will not leave us anywhere. It may take a very dangerous form.

Or it may be that with our little effort and yours, this third wave may not come. The decision is in our hands and in your hands.

kamchalu.com requests all of you with folded hands that do not leave the house without a mask and wash your hands from time to time.

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