Foods Rich in Vitamin C: 10 Healthy Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin C

Foods Rich in Vitamin C: The very basic guard and resistance for human body against disease and unhealthy conditions comprises a major factor that is widely known as Vitamins. There are various categories of vitamins and they have their unique effects regarding human health. One among them is Vitamin C that is popularly known as immune building vitamin.

In our body there is a system called immune system that is massively helpful for resisting of various diseases. And mainly Vitamin C is widely used for improving scurvy (a disease caused due to lack of vitamin C). In simpler words, it is a main nutrient that is needed for body to stay fit and healthy. This Vitamin C is called all rounder nutrient in its category.


Foods Rich in Vitamin C
Foods Rich in Vitamin C



Why should one take Vitamin C?

So, here let us explain that what are the functions of Vitamin C and it’s importance in our lives. Mainly it is immune building nutrient, so very firstly it is widely advisable for treatment for lack in immune system in our body. Rest over than that it is very helpful in fighting against diseases and works as a shield that performs a resistance to any type of disease.

Blood clotting is very common example that is done by the use of Vitamin C in human body. It works as an antioxidant that swipes toxic materials out from our body. The tissues present in our body are well and fine only due to presence of Vitamin C in our body. So similarly it is very helpful in all types of body problems.


Importance of Vitamin C

It is important for our body because without it’s presence we can suffer from a disease that is commonly known as scurvy. So people themselves advice to have Vitamin C but the problem is that you can not take it directly because it is not found solely, so you can have it via some agent material, such as medicine, juice or food.

So, we are referring 10 certain different food items that are rich in Vitamin C.

There are certain foods rich in Vitamin C and the food obviously comprises of fruits and vegetables because the healthy source of Vitamin C is naturally grown fruits and vegetables.


10 Healthy Vitamin C rich Foods


1. Indian gooseberry

In Hindi, known as amla, it is the fruit that is extremely rich in Vitamin c. It is highly edible and affordable in our country and as a result it is advisable to be eaten to increase the quantity of Vitamin C.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 700mg


2. Cantaloupe

Well, the advisable and affordable food that is rich in Vitamin C is Cantaloupe. It is a type of melon found naturally. It contains high amount of Vitamin C.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 36.7mg


3. Strawberries

A rare item, but not totally because it is found easily but not every season, yet it is a fruit that is rich in Vitamin C. It is a type of berry that is loved widely.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 36.7mg.


4. Bell Peppers

It is categorized under fruit and looks similar to Capsicum. Bell paper is easily available in the markets. It is the fruit of Capsicum annuum ( a species of Capsicum).

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 152mg.


5. Guava

It is the most common fruit that can be found at every places. It is also a vitamin rich fruit that is extremely recommend by the doctors to those who have fewer amount of Vitamin C.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 250mg.


6. Kiwi

It is a type of fruit that taste sour and a little expensive too. Kiwi is green in colour and also determined excellent and beneficial for our eyes. It is also a type of fruit rich in Vitamin C.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 137mg.


7. Spinach

It is a leaf, green in colour and sometime red, but green one is more beneficial. In Hindi it is widely popular as palak. So it is a vegetable and can be easily found everywhere at very cheap price.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 120mg.


8. Cauliflower

Cauliflower or in Hindi it is popular as gobhi. It is seasonal vegetable but you can also find out of season but little costlier. It is high source for Vitamin C and easily found everywhere.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 45mg.


9. Broccoli

Broccoli, almost similar to cauliflower, but a vast difference in origin and species. It is evergreen vegetable and can be bought easily but at a little costlier price. It also have higher amount of Vitamin C.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 132mg.


10. Citrus Fruits

It is a complex name for lemon, oranges and grapefruits. They are the basic food and food item that can be easily found anywhere. These are also rich in Vitamin C.

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 gm – 70-90mg.

Food with highest Vitamin C are stated very clearly out of which the most excellent food that contains excessive amount of Vitamin C is amla.



So, this was our proposal of 10 best food that are highly rich in Vitamin C. The various food rich in Vitamin C are stated above and each food is easily available in the Indian market and you can afford it. Stay tuned with us for several amazing and beneficial articles like this.

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