corona third wave

Corona virus is a name that has scared people for the last two years. There would be no such person in today’s time. Who hasn’t suffered from Corona. Even today people are continuously suffering from it.

Ever since this virus has come into the world. Since then I am not taking the name of leaving. Don’t know how many corona waves came. And I don’t know how much. But this virus could not be eradicated.

2021 is over. And 2022 has arrived. This virus has knocked again in the new year. I am not talking only about India. Rather, the corona virus is causing havoc all over the world.

Yes, you guys heard it right, the third wave of corona virus has arrived in India and in the world. The wave is so strong that all the old records are getting broken day by day.

Omicron virus is being said to be the cause of the third wave of corona. Which is also true to an extent. Because the way the cases of Omicron are increasing. Looking at those cases, this is what it seems.

The third wave of Corona is being hit the most in America. Because recently America has broken all the old records. On 5th January 2022, more than one million corona patients have been confirmed in America.

This figure is the largest figure to date. Because so many cases have not been seen in any country in a day. If we talk about India, then the situation is getting serious here too.

The third wave of Corona has knocked in India too. Talking about the latest corona figures of India. 90000 thousand corona patients have been confirmed in a day.

It is also being estimated that this figure may increase very rapidly in the coming few days. And may break his old record. Omicron infection is seen increasing rapidly in India as well.

However, the Government of India has taken some strict steps in view of the increasing pace of Corona. But the danger is that elections are to be held in 5 states in the coming days.

In such a situation, a big explosion of corona can happen in India. If this explosion happens, the situation will become uncontrollable. And the last option will remain lockdown.

There should not be a situation like lockdown in India. That’s why we people have to be very careful and follow all the corona rules with vigor. There is still time to recover.

I pray to all of you with folded hands that you should follow the rules of Corona and get it done. Because a small effort of yours can save people from the danger of corona.

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