Collagen rich Foods: 10 Best Foods to Eat for Collagen Boost

Collagen rich Foods: You know that the basic material to survive on this earth is food and water. If either of the two components went missing, life would not exist on Earth.

Food is essential only due to energy but have you ever tried to know from where the energy comes inside any food? Have you ever tried to find what is inside the food that keeps us alive?

So, these kinds of questions generally appear in everybody’s mind and today we are here to present a sub component of the food.


Our body keeps working 24 hours per day, with no break, non-stop. But every output needs an input. Similarly, our body also needs something that is capable to run it entirely.

So, good is extremely essential because the components and sub-components of food are the only material that our body needs such as protein, hydrates, nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These are the fundamental basic and essential items that food should contain, so that life may exist on this Earth.


Collagen rich Foods
Collagen Rich Foods


One sub-component among these materials is Collagen. It is termed a huge protein or powerful component in our body. Ok, all of you must be aware of connective tissue. Do you know that the connective tissues are made up of fiber-like structures of this collagen and thus making a basic? Important component by connecting with other tissues through bones, muscles, skin, tendons, and cartilage. So, we may predict that collagen is how much important in our life.

The only source of collagen is the flesh of animals like fish and meat containing their connective tissues. It’s not like our body does not produce collagen, it produces but in very fewer quantities.



Why is collagen necessary?

Collagen is a necessary component in our body because it is helpful in maintaining good health. It performs several functions as listed below:

  • Our skin gets hydrated
  • Lowers sugar level
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • It makes bones stronger
  • It makes bone denser
  • It makes hair thicker
  • It reduces Osteoarthritis Pain
  • It increases mass in muscles. Etc

Now we are going to elaborate on 10 such food items that are essentially rich in collagen and we can eat them to increase collagen levels in our body.


10 Best Foods to Eat for Collagen Boost

1. Fish

As we mentioned that animals’ flesh is Rick’s source of collagen, hence the most amount of collagen is found in fish. So you can have fish for boosting collagen in your body. Fish are known to be the highest container of connective tissues. Almost every fish body has 40-60% collagen.


2. Chicken

It is also a rich source of collagen and almost every 3rd person eats chicken, keep eating as it also includes a much of collagen capable to boost its level in your body. As chicken is also flesh yet it gives more collagen, the amount of collagen found in chicken is almost 30 – 40% of its body composition.


3. Egg whites

Egg white, not the yolk, remember and this one also is a healthier source for collagen and extremely filled with it, you can add it to your regular diet to boost up college level in your body. The egg white later gonna be transformed into a chick, so before it has more collagen and almost 20 – 30% of its composition.


4. Tomatoes

It is not flesh yet it gives much of the collagen that is capable of contributing to a boost up in the collagen level. These can be also referred to as higher collagen components because in the categories of vegetables tomatoes are considered most early for collagen.


5. Garlic

It comes under vegetables and it is the basic material for almost food items whether it’s veg or nonveg, hence everybody can have it and it incredibly increases collagen. It is the only item that provides you most collagen in its composition in the category of vegetables.


6. Cashews

These are dry fruits and a little expensive too and the reason behind it is their rareness and presence of collagen. It can be taken regularly in a fewer quantity that is sufficient to boost up your collagen. As cashew has fats, along with it cashew has a higher amount of collagen, try to have raw cashew for more collagen.


7. Beans

You can also add beans to your regular diet as these items also include a sufficient level of collagen to boost up in your body. Beans are also a rich source of collagen. It also gives you Vitamin C along with collagen at a broad level.


8. Berries

Have berries in your breakfast regularly and you can be able to increase the quantity of collagen. You can have any type of berries such as blueberries, strawberries, etc. These are also highly recommended collagen-rich items.


9. White tea

It is a variety of tea leaves that is different from the regular ones as it includes some quantity of collagen. You can purchase it and continuously keep drinking daily without any break to specify its result. Alternative to read and brown tea, the difference is that it has a great quantity of collagen present within it since its seed development.


10. Meat

In this category, we will add the two highest sources of collagen. They are cow bone broth and pork bone broth. Upto now these are considered the highest collagen-giving foods. They are extremely deep and rich in collagen. You can have this item regularly in your diet and you can observe the changes in your body. Your hair would go thicker, nails would go denser, blood pressure would go lower and many more. Try to have meat if you are owing to increase the level of collagen in your body.



We are ending up here wishing for your satisfaction by visiting this post today. We probably discussed all collagen and foods containing collagen. We showed what health benefits you could have after having a perfect collagen level in your body. Also, there is a list of 10 food items that contain collagen and are rich in it.

So, you may have those food items regular and better make a diet upon them. Stay tuned with us for every useful item.

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