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(8 Best Weight loss excercise) Have you gained weight too? Are you also worried about your obesity? So you don’t need to panic at all. kamchalu.com brings you the best weight loss tips. In this, we are going to tell you about 10 such easy exercises, by which you will be able to reduce your weight within 7 days. let’s start

1.High Knee

This exercise can prove to be very beneficial in reducing your weight. By doing this exercise, you will start getting benefits within 7 days. You have to do it by making a set, first you can also do it by making a set of 50, then gradually you can also increase it. (weight loss excercise )

Benefits of high knee

Benefits of high knee

.Doing this burns your fat.
.This exercise strengthens your joints
.Doing this exercise strengthens your heart.
.Doing High Knees Burns Your Bally Fat.
.Doing this increases your stamina.

Methods of doing high knee

.First you have to stand up straight.
.After that you have to straighten both your hands in front.
.Now you have to stand in one place and lower your knees. You have to do like you run.
.You can do this exercise by making a set of fifty fifty, that is, you can do it 50 times at a time.
.While doing this exercise size, keep in mind that there should be no change in the position of both your hands.

2.Jumping Jack

Jumping jacks are a very easy exercise. Everyone likes to do this exercise. Because we can do this exercise anywhere. By doing this you will start getting results within seven days. Due to this your weight and obesity burns fast. (7 days paln weight loss excercise) Apart from this, there are many advantages.

Benefits of jumping jack

.Doing this increases your metabolic rate.
.It keeps your heart healthy.
.Doing this exercise also helps you lose weight.
.By doing this exercise you will be less stressed. Because when your hands are up and down, your brain produces a hormone called serotonin. what makes you happy.
.It helps burn bally fat.

Method of doing jumping jack

.To do this first stand up straight.
.After that raise both your hands up.
.Then spread both your legs.
.After that jump continue by lowering the hands.

3.Plank (Best Weight loss excercise)

Plank is a great exercise. Although this exercise is a bit difficult but you can do it. It has many benefits. You should do this on regular basis. Along with reducing weight and fat, you get many benefits of it. You must do 1 minute plank exercise daily.

Benefits of plank exercise

.Doing this exercise strengthens your core muscles.
.This strengthens your back muscles, which gives you relief from back pain.
.Plank is also helpful in increasing your metabolic rate.
.Plank improves your body balance and shape.
.This burns your calories. You will be surprised to know that by doing plank, you burn more calories than situps.

Method of doing plank

.First we have to come in plank position.
.Now bend the angle and put your emphasis on the arms.
.After that stay in this position for 1 minute or 30 seconds.


Squats are one of the best exercises to burn calories. By doing this exercise, weight and obesity are reduced very fast. You can also do this exercise by making sets. If this is your first time doing this, you can start with 10 squats.

Benefits of squats exercise

.This makes your body poster good.
.This reduces your fat. It reduces the fat of your thigh, leg and stomach.
.This increases your stamina and strengthens your muscles.
.By doing this, the happy hormones of the body increase. Which increases the energy of your body.

Method of doing squats

.First you have to stand straight.
.After that you just have to sit up.
.If you are new, then do only 10 at a time, after that gradually you can increase it.

5.Push Up

By the way, this exercise is used to build the body. But you can reduce our weight and obesity with this fast. If you do push ups continuously for 30 days, then you will get innumerable benefits.

Advantage of push up

.This strengthens the muscles of your hands and stomach.
.This burns your calories. The ratio of burning calories is high because it is involved in hard work exercise.
.It helps improve body poster.
.Chest size increases.
.This makes your apps.

Method of doing push up

.To do this exercise, you have to lie on your stomach.
.After that you have to put your body weight in your hands and apply push up.
.you try to do it as a set.

6.Seated Knee Tucks

Many of you must have heard its name for the first time. But this exercise is very old. If you want to lose weight then this exercise can prove to be very good for you. This exercise may or may not be easy.

Advantage of seated knee tucks

.Your lungs get a lot of benefit by doing this exercise.
.By doing this your calories are burnt, along with this your belly fat is also reduced.
.By doing seated knee tucks, your legs and abdominal muscles are strengthened.
.Improve endurance.
.Build your brain.

Method of doing seated knee tucks

.First you have to sit with your legs spread.
.After that move your hands backwards.
.When you inhale, your feet will come towards your chest.
.When you exhale your legs will move away from your chest
.so you have to continue.

7.Leg raises

The leg raise exercise is one of the best exercises. There are many benefits of doing this exercise. If you do this exercise regularly, then your obesity is reduced very fast. Apart from this, it also has many advantages.This exercise can be done in many ways.

Benfits Leg raise exercise

.Doing Legs Raise Exercise Increases Your Stability and Capacity.
.This increases the ability of your lungs to work.
.By doing this exercise, your body fat and weight are reduced in general.
.With This Exercise You Can Easily Make 6 Packs Apps.
.This exercise strengthens your digestion system.
.Its help burn your bally fat.

Types of Leg raise exercise

.Single leg raise exercise
.Medicine ball leg raise excercise
.Hanging leg raise excercise
.Side leg raise excercise


Health experts believe that situps should be a part of your daily routine. You do not need to join GYM to do this excercise. This exercise helps you lose weight and burn calories.

Benefits Situps excercise

.Your leg muscles get stronger.
.Doing this increases your flexibility.
.Helps in reducing belly fat.
.Very helpful in burning calories.
.Helps in giving a good body poster

Method doing situps

.After you sit on the mat, keep the hip distance between the legs.
.Keep the toes of the feet on the ground and the hands equal to the thighs.
.keep your spine straight.
.When you lie down, your lower back will curve, which is called an anterior tilt.
.You should not exercise in the anterior tilt position.
.After this, release the breath and sit up with the help of core muscles. Now you have to continue this process.

Conclusion All Excercise

Friends, I have told you the number of exercises, if you do five of them daily. So believe me, both your weight and obesity will be reduced within 1 month. But the condition is that you have to make these exercises a part of your daily routine. You must tell us in the comments which one of these exercises did you like. kamchalu thanks you for visiting the page. (Weight loss excercise)

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