Benefits of Beer: 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Benefits of Beer: Beer is a product that is loved by millions but hated by millions too.

In India, most people see a beer with a sight of guilt. They eventually hate it while many love it. Basically, you need to know why is so. It is so because the consumption of beers or any other alcoholic drink may lead to various health problems such as cancer, allergy, mass multiplication and organ damage. Whilst these are the problems many consider upon the thought of alcohol consumption.

But now it would be no longer a thought as science had proved awesome multiple benefits and uses after consuming alcohol and its products. One of the products of alcohol is beer. These are the most loved product among Indians and especially among youth. Many people prefer to take beer instead of having hard and expensive alcoholic drinks. Thus today we will share some of the benefits of health when you consume beer as it is common and cheap.


Benefits of Beer
Benefits of Beer


So, let’s begin and the following stated numeric bulletins are the major and top health benefits of drinking beer.



10 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Beer


1. Beer Fights Cancer

Many of you must be thinking that how could beer avoid cancer, it can because it had been proven by experts. Xanthohumol is an antioxidant that is useful in resisting cancer that is claimed to damage our DNA. This antioxidant is present in the hops of beer.

But remember the right quantity and health conditions are also considered while drinking beer. Don’t drink it regularly or excessively, which will lead to a negative impact on your body.


2. Resist Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is a very painful disease, which can even take your life. This disease is extremely unfit for mankind. Avoiding it would be a wise choice. Now you can do this by consuming a particular amount of beer regularly. Beer is a liquid and the property is approximately 93% of its composition making it (beer) resist or avoid 41% of kidney stone formation.


3. Boost Metabolism

Many of you must be thinking that consuming beer would increase the amount of fat in your body resulting in a beer belly, but it’s proved immensely wrong. You can consume it without any fear. Instead, beer boosts your metabolism which results in releasing fat and resisting it from absorbing it within the body. Moderate drinking if beer is capable of doing so.

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4. Beer Strengthens Bone

Our bone is almost what our body rests upon. Yes, beer is extremely helpful in increasing the density of bones. The reason behind this factor of beer is the presence of silicon within it. It is termed a key material for bone strength.

But only the beer that has high hops and malted barley, is only capable of providing you with enough amount silicon which thereafter works out for strengthening your bones.


5. Beer Avoids Heart Disease

Beer almost can do an impossible thing according to you, but researchers had proved it accurately. But the result can be highlighted only when you have a moderate amount of beer consumption each day. It is so because a study in London shows that people who drink moderate beer get lesser strokes and have fewer chances to suffer from such a disorder. Also, the most common cardiovascular problem has escaped those people who had a beer drink a moderate amount.

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6. Improves Mental Health

Drinking beer also results in improving your brain health. Consuming beer as a drink increases the amount of dopamine that is claimed as a concentration element in our body. It helps feel us calmer and relaxed. Along with this, drinking beer lessens the degradation process of your brain by which your ability to use your brain could last longer.

Xanthohumol again adds a layer of protection boosting the cognitive function of your brain. It helps in preparing your brain cells against dementia.


7. Good for your skin

Beer contains a certain amount of vitamins, which are very good for your skin. It helps in skin regeneration. Drinking beer makes your skin glowing and smooth.


8. Diuretic Properties

After drinking beer urination frequency increased. This helps our body to release all the waste materials and toxins. This will further lead to our body being healthy. This property of beer is known as Diuretic Properties.


9. Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

Studies have shown that moderate beer consumption can lower blood sugar levels. Especially, it prevents type 2 diabetes. It is important to drink beer in moderation to reduce the risk of Diabetes.


10. An Ultimate Drink

Nothing can replace beer and it is also claimed to be the best drink in summer. Associated with any internal problem such as depression, overthinking, and anxiety, beer proves itself as the best killer of all of these and many more similar problems.

Almost beer makes you happy when you are sad, it gives you strength when you feel weak. Mainly it makes you relaxed and comfortable whenever you take it. Thus it can be considered one of the best drinks for those whosoever remains in favor of beer drinking.

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Who should avoid beer?

We discuss above the top 10 best health benefits of beer with certain evidence but remember beer also contains a certain amount of alcohol. So, drinking beer is strictly prohibited for certain health conditions, Which are listed below:

  • Stomach ulcer or resistance to heartburn
  • Dealing with Insomnia
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding condition
  • Suffering from Gout
  • Liver-related complications


Wrapping Up

So friends, here we had listed the top 10 benefits of the health of drinking beer. In our post, we have provided very additional details also, which you can skip. But we state to have a moderate amount of beer. These all benefits could lead to awesome improvement of your health.

Must try to have Beer in a sufficient amount of quantity because you should not have any side effects. So, we wish you found our post useful and request you to stay tuned for more health benefits.

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