7 Most Common Symtoms OF Dengue Fever


These days dengue is wreaking havoc on innocent people. Like every year, dengue is back. And as soon as it comes, it has started wreaking havoc on the people.

Dengue is a type of viral fever. In this too we have to face hunger. But the question of the people remains that which one is of dengue and which is normal.

If you get information about this thing at the right time, then believe that dengue will not harm you.

Today we are going to tell you about the symptoms of dengue. So that you can know whether you have dengue or viral fever.

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Symtoms OF Dengue Fever


Fever is the first symptom of dengue. There are many different types of hunger. Like high fever, normal fever or you will have severe hunger. Or there will be normal hunger.

Now you can have dengue in both the cases. You are not at all like if you have normal fever, then you will not get dengue. You can still get dengue.

Symptoms of dengue start appearing in 5 to 6 days. If you are feeling hungry and are not able to come down even after taking medicines, then you must get tested for dengue.

In the second case, after the effect of the medicine is over, the hunger comes again, even then you should get tested for dengue.


If your headache persists for 5 to 6 days. So you can get dengue too. In many cases, it has been seen that the head of dengue patient keeps on throbbing.

Apart from this, there is a burning sensation in his face. Even if you take the medicine, you will not get any effect of the medicine. So you should get tested for dengue immediately.

I am sharing with you the symptoms of dengue, if you have any of these five symptoms in your body or you are feeling any of these symptoms, then you must get tested for dengue.


If you are having vomiting along with hunger. So you can have dengue infection in your body. This is also one of the symptoms of dengue.

When a patient has dengue, all these symptoms are not visible in him from the first day itself. Rather slowly it takes hold.

Like on the first day you will get hunger and on the second day you may get headache and vomiting while doing this. So you have to see the changes coming in your body.

And if your disease is increasing slowly, then you must get tested for dengue without any delay.

4.Body Pain

It has been seen in many dengue patients that there is always pain in their body. After hunger, if there is any other exact symptom of dengue then it is body pain and bone pain.

The most common complaint of dengue patients is that they have pain in their body or their bones are aching.

If something like this happens to you too, then you may have also been caught by dengue. I am not saying at all that if you have pain in your body then you have dengue.

There could be another reason for that pain. But along with hunger, there is constant pain in your body or bones, then you must get tested.


Weakness is something that comes in every disease. Whether a person is suffering from a minor illness or a major illness. In both the cases there is weakness inside the body.

But in the case of dengue, there is so much weakness that your body is not in your control. That is, you can also get cycles.

That is why doctors repeatedly advise you to drink more and more water in any hunger. Because it does not allow the virus to collect in your body. And there is no shortage of glucose in your body.

6.No Taste

It has also been found in dengue patients that they do not get the taste of any food. That is, whoever eats this food, drinks anything, they do not get the taste of anything.

Due to hunger, their tongue becomes bitter. Due to which either they find everything bitter or they do not taste at all. This happens in every hunger. But it has more effect in dengue.

7.Skin Rash

If you have dengue or if you have been suffering from dengue then your skin gets red colored spots.

It has been found in almost every dengue patient that after 2 to 3 days of dengue, their skin gets red rash. which remain in the body for a long time.

If you have similar rash in your body then without any delay get yourself tested for dengue.


Mainly these 7 dengue symptoms are found in a dengue patient. Apart from this, there can also be. But this is mainly what happens. Friends Dengue is not a dangerous disease but we make it dangerous. As I told you earlier, dengue passes through 3 stages. If you find out in the very first stage or get it tested. So you recover very easily in a few days. But even after these symptoms, if you do not get yourself tested, then it becomes a fatal disease for you. Because the 3rd stage of dengue is very dangerous. You can give us your opinion in the comment box. Thank you

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