3 Home Remedies For The Problem Of Swollen Feet

(Reduce Swollen Feet In Winter) Friends, the winter season has arrived. This means that we have to be a little careful with our skin. There are many people whose hands and feet swell in the winter season or their hands and feet turn red.

Apart from this, they also get itching disease. The same would happen with you too. If you are troubled by all these problems then today’s content is for you only.

Today I am going to tell you such methods, with the help of which you will get rid of these problems.

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1. Rock Salt Water

If you are also troubled by the sensation of feet, then definitely adopt this method. First of all, you heat water in a vessel, after that put a spoonful of rock salt in it.

When the water gets a little hot. So put your feet in it. And keep your feet in it for a while. After this, wipe the feet and massage mustard oil on them.

By doing this for a few days, you will see for yourself that the problem you had was. she’s gone.


2. Olive & Coconut Oil

Friends, there are many benefits of olive and coconut oil. But if you mix these two oils and massage your hands and feet in winter, then believe that your problem will go away soon.

Many people have adopted this method and they have got good results also. You should massage coconut and olive oil in the morning and evening.

Or massage the oil all over the body thoroughly while sleeping at night. After that put socks on your feet. By doing this, the heat remains in your feet and your feet do not swell.


3. Flour Paste

3 Home Remedies For The Problem Of Swollen Feet


By the way, you will definitely get benefit from these two methods. But if for some reason you do not benefit, then you can adopt the method of flour paste.

In this, you have to apply flour paste to your feet and hands. After a while dust it with warm water. After this, massage mustard oil on your hands and feet in a good way.

Remember mustard oil should be slightly hot. You will get more benefits from this.

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